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With his experience of realization of composites materials, Mister Jean-Claude NEVEU founded the company ART CONCEPT COMPOSITES in 1993. The object was the develpoment and fabrication of polyester cases, which ensured the security of materials against dust, wetness, agitation, virbration...

The company worked hard for a wide range of goods like boxes, cases, containers and 19" chassis. These products agree with the introductions of wishes and quality of our customers. Therefore, since 1995, the company obtained their accredition of the supplier file NATO (code FA3Z7).

Very close to the customer and market conform, their product machines with a large investment, in particular the purchases of two working stations SOUNDWORKS for a development in 3D and those of a new ship.

Today, Art Concept COMPOSITES continue to answer exactly to the wishes of their customers and has enhanced his range of products, which offer 19" frames containers rotomouled and also aluminium.

art concept composites
Company Art Cincept Composites
art concept composites
Quality steps

Certified ISO9001 V2015.

Our priority is to guarantee our customers a product which agrees with the imagination of quality and appointment.


Get to know our range of products with cases, boxes and transport containers as soon as our closed or spring born frames, and our specific realization in regard to our innovative ability and the adjustment in your technics requirements.

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  • Director : Jean-Claude NEVEU
  • Research and Development : Arnaud THIMEUR
  • Quality : Laurent NEVEU
  • Administration and Finance : Hélène FAUTRAT
  • Purchase-Methods : Fabien NEVEU
  • Commercial : Eric LEMETAYER

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ART CONCEPT COMPOSITES - ZA des Bozées - BP 26107•F-53061 LAVAL cedex 9 - Tél. : 33 (0)2 43 67 92 70 - Fax : 33 (0)2 43 67 92 71

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